Dev8D produces rapid results

Day three of Developer Happiness Days is only just beginning but two ideas have already been made real by the keen coders here.

Splash URL came out of a plea by Tony Hirst in his Mash-ups talk when he bemoaned the lack of an easy way to shorten a long url and have it appear in large type in the centre of the presentation so that people can easily copy it down. No sooner said than done – Chris Gutteridge jumped on the case and Splash URL was born.

According to Tony Hirst, Developer Happiness Days is working its magic:

“I'm doubly happy because we've got the SplashURL working and I'm really happy that apparently as a result of things that have happened over the last few days E-prints has got a JSON output. This means that the output can be easily pulled into a webpage leading to all kinds of mash-up joy. JISC's willingness to engage makes me really happy!”

Meanwhile, Sam Easterby-Smith is measuring the happiness of the developers at dev8D in real time using Twitter. Whenever anything is Tweeted using the dev8D tag, if a fraction is included to indicate happiness (such as 9/10), it gets added to the dev8D Happier Pipe and the total sum of happiness at dev8d can be seen at a glance – and in lurid colours, too. Right now, dev8D is looking pretty darn happy.

“There's nothing like a bit of dirty code cooked up over a nice curry,” said Sam. “It's been very good to just get to hang out with other developers and exchange ideas, a lot of which have been quite outside my normal comfort zone and what I do. It's been really valuable.”

Happier pipe

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